Welcome to the Wonderhole!

ǂKawa ǁeiba xu ǂgosen tama īs gye ǂkhõas tsĩ ǀam-ǂgōsens tsĩna ra ū-hā.*

You fuckers know nothing.
Call me a mistake –
Jy dink gode maak foute?
Maybe they do. Sure. But the mistake is you.
You, with vinegar for blood.
You, with broken glass for teeth.
You, mistake of the gods.
Nie Grote Slang!
Grote Slang die voortreflike!
You never run faster than when
     you see the elephant snake
     running your way.

So Welkom by die Wondergat!
     where there were no mistakes
     until you arrived, wicked head,
     wasped tongued
     tulpe uitloop uit jou bors.

Welkom by die Wondergat!
     where we’re all smiles and candy
     treasures for you here;
     where we’re decked in crisp, dress whites
     for the belles of the balls.

Welkom by die Wondergat!
     deep underground,
     treasures for you here,
     last bastion of perfection,
     first place the gods visit
     when they drop in on creation.

Speak so guttural and bathe yourselves in milk, mistakes.
Stay out of the sun and lick your trigger fingers, mistakes.
Play sad songs under wax, wooden candle-lights, mistakes.

Invent new words and worlds, mistakes!
Welkom by die Wondergat!
Welkom by die Wondergat!

Treasures for you here.
We can’t correct you here.
No, we won’t correct you here.

*Nama – “What sorrow and trouble are brought about by useless anger!”

Welcome to the Wonderhole!