Prompts! Book Release Tonight – Uptown Arts Bar, KC, MO

I’ve got one in here titled, “Little Robin Redbreast Decides to Clip Her Wings.”

Come out if you can:

Origins of Prompts! A Spontaneous Anthology

Poetic Underground—a whiskey drinking, verbal slinging, raucous and righteous open mic poetry sequence—has been going strong at the Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City, Missouri since 2012. The weekly event draws a rich diversity of dedicated versifiers, from cherry-popped first poem poets to tear-jerker slam giants, tight construction academic poets, and the grist of the grind small press poets: every level of poetry can be witnessed (and heard) at open mic night.

Prior to ghosting—when a Guest Host leads the festivities on the bonus, fifth Wednesday of a month—in June of 2016, poet Jeanette Powers sent out a social media call egging on the open mic poets to request a prompt from her: a short, personally crafted phrase intended to be the inspiration for NEW SHIT! to spit at open mic night. “New Shit!” is what the audience shouts when a poet takes the stage to perform new material. In fact, a lot of community shouting occurs at Poetic Underground: “Speak Poet!”, “Rewind!”, “ULIT!”, and “Listen to the Poem!”

Jeanette issued over one-hundred prompts, which led to the epic readings of volumes of New Shit! But many folks who wanted to be a part of Prompts! were unable to attend open mic night, so the idea of a Promtps! book was born. To expand the book’s reach, Jeanette disseminated prompts beyond the open mic community to artists and poets across the land.

This spontaneous anthology represents the outpouring of new work by new and established writers and artists, which was engendered, simply, by the offer of a prompt.

Prompts! Book Release Tonight – Uptown Arts Bar, KC, MO