Don’t Seal the Book of Love, Daniel

and now I dream of hugging strangers,
of stumbling towards a blind embrace,
of touching anyone for pleasure –

it’s just a dreamy moment,
seemed impossible when I wrote it,
yet happysad to be within it –

to only sit still and remember:
i’ve not been more fulfilled then when
i have been with everybody i have ever known –

this whole world –

now I’m having trouble dreaming
what without will finally be like
so taking time to reconsider
everyone’s favorite love poems,
and finding masterpieces
of such sweet misunderstandings.

Don’t Seal the Book of Love, Daniel

(some things left untitled)

My love, where you are not
All else is dark and cold
All is toward an ice-ringed end

My love, I hide my eyes and cheeks
Behind a borrowed shawl
Behind your borrowed name

My love, I never told another
Because it was an interrupted dream
Because I could never prove a thing

My love, did we really exist
Side by side, the lonely ocean
Side by side, the empty sky

My love, all
My love, behind
My love, because
My love, my love, my love

You tasted of the bluest salt
Your every word a floral form
We were so lucky to bear witness
To one another’s tears

(some things left untitled)