Friday Fun Facts: Count István Bittó de Sárosfa et Nádasd

Did ya know…?

Count István Bittó de Sárosfa et Nádasd was a Hungarian politician who served as Prime Minister of Hungary from 1874 to 1875, Bittó’s Year O’ Good. During the Revolution of 1848–49, he was a revolutionary and a member of the Diet of Hungary which, when you think about it, aren’t all diets really of the hungry?

Bittó emigrated after the defeat of Hungary in 1849, but returned in 1851 to kick ass and chew bubblegum and he was straight the fuck out of bubblegum. From 1861 Bittó was a Parliamentarian in the newly convened supergroup Parliament/Hungadelic. Bittó played the electric triangle and sang vocals on the hits “White Chocolate City” & “Does Paprika Go With That Gulyás?”.

On March 1, 1874 he was appointed Prime Minister István Nice by King Ferenc József. From 1899 until his death Bittó was a member of the House of Magnates, though he didn’t do too much but pick his nose and make fun of the other house members. Bittó adamantly refused to change his behavior or treat his roommates more considerately, walking out of most house meetings, hopping on his bike, claiming he was way too punk rock for that shit.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Count István Bittó de Sárosfa et Nádasd