Every Day Every Day Every Day

We breath the dreams of dreams come true,

And how I love to be breathing while putting one foot in front of the other.

And, no, my feet never ever even touch the ground.

And every step I take, they tell me I’m walking,

They tell me I’m walking on the path.

Though the bright moon is far above,

And the sun won't shine on me for hours to come,

They keep telling me every day that I am walking on the path, that I am finding my way.

Nights like this I become a hero.

A hero is someone who is like someone who would never ever, never once, never twice,

Ever ever never again…

A hero becomes the shade in between the lights on the path.

Every night, beside me.

Take my advice and try to be a hero in the cold of night.

And listen when they tell you you’re on the path.

Every day try to get a little bit of dream.

Try to get some deep breaths beneath the ever-glowing sun.
Every Day Every Day Every Day