The Person Who Might Go Somewhere

  1. That day when my father saw me levitate, he was furious. 
  2. He said: “Sir, how is this?” 
  3. And I said, “Sir, I do not know, I do not know, I do not know.”
  4. I looked in those eyes glaring up at me in shame and sheer terror.
  5. “I have seen this before!” he cried. 
  6. My mother. My mother the levitator. What a beautiful life… 
  7. I looked for the words to comfort him, some words he might understand.
  8. I spoke my mother’s name. 
  9. My father shook.
  10. She was a women of thirty-three when she floated up.
  11. We watched her change from local beauty to strange, small shape to speck of cloud. 
  12. The entire family was surprised. 
  13. I mean, she was only thirty-three. 
  14. I remember her dark hair blowing in the cold, blue sky.
  15. My father trembled. I rose higher still.
  16. She had skin like chrysanthemum petals.
  17. My father screamed, “There’s nothing to breathe where you’re headed!”
  18. She wore a forest-green dress with white bandages all over it.
  19. I didn’t care much about the lack of oxygen. 
  20. There was some euphoria there instead.
The Person Who Might Go Somewhere