Connection at the Heart of Commerce

I was working at
a nearby coffee shop, 
when a friend of mine 
came in for coffee.

I had to say the words, 
“Here is your coffee, friend.
It is very hot,
but you should try it."

Then I took a break
to take the kids to school.
They told me, “Dad, we know
you are a real weirdo.”

It was very great
and when I dropped them off
their teacher wore a mask
of Ronald Reagan.

I drove back to work
and on the way I thought
I should open up
my email inbox.

There was a message there
from a friend of mine
who worked on UFOs
shot down by FBI.

She was asking if
I’d buy a UFO
if I happened to
see one on Etsy.

I wrote back to her
and said I’m on a break
and have to get to work
but I'll write later.

I signed off “LOL!
Your super duper pal”
before I used my thumb
to send that message.

Now I’m back at work
wondering what you think
about if my friend
will sell me UFOs.

I never thought before
that I'd be able to
but I can’t wait to tell
my little children.
Connection at the Heart of Commerce

Best Part of Waking Up

And then suddenly I’m you
which means you see right through me.
You see I’m scared to choose.
Scared to say the things I have to say
again and again.
I‘ll say it again:

No one knows.
No one knows.
No one knows.

How do you stand it?

Remember the good times?
The clouds where we lived?
We’ve moved so far
from the good times now.
(Yet somehow,
someone surely remains…)

Every once 
in a while 
I will have coffee 
with the you I used to know.
We smile and talk
about who we used to be.

Best Part of Waking Up