I can never ever
________ again.

I’m too old,
too tired,
too lazy
to run in to work.

I hold my breath until I fall down.

Thoughts will come tomorrow.
Then I’ll find out
just what I’ve done wrong.

Yeah, I will listen like a child.

Yeah, I will turn it into song.

Do you feel twice afraid now?
You will live only to die alone.

It’s OK no one gets through it.

You’re going home.
You’re going home.
You’re going home.
You’re going home.

Stop don’t
go stealing our time.

Too long, too long
And we’re alone – a-

Too far gone in the flowers
God, these roses look so lonely lonely.

Too far gone in the flowers,
God, these roses need a friend like me.


3 thoughts on “Fertility

    1. There should be a smile or two there, yes. This stems from a long-ago off-hand comment from a friend I asked to help fertilize the lawn. They said, “Are we going to commit a double suicide?” So all these years later, I tried to turn that morbidly hilarious sentiment into some Gang of Four lyrics!

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