Dogs of New York City

Remember when we were smiling women, baby?

Remember when we were leather-clad men?

You were such a woman, baby baby, baby you were such a goddamn man.

I was never the right woman, baby baby, baby I was never a real good man.

Now I watch the broken women, baby.

Baby, now I watch the frightened men.

Remember when we were lovely women, baby?

Remember when we were thinking men?

You’ve got to clean me up and down.

Every time you bend and crack, I will share the pain.

Here is the cold May morning, at last.

Was there ever any sense in New York City?

New York City, baby baby.

Long and lean in the wet, dirty Spring.

Used to follow me across the border when I’d run.

Chased to the crossroads of indifference and ill consequence.

The dogs of New York City never let the men and women leave.

Dogs of New York City

3 thoughts on “Dogs of New York City

  1. “Long and lean in the wet, dirty Spring.” Love this line.

    So much innuendo spilling throughout this but then it grows ominous towards the end. It had me in mind of a Stephen King type novel, I don’t know why. It also feels like song lyrics. By the border, do you mean between New Jersey and New York? I love the last four lines particularly.

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