Connection at the Heart of Commerce

I was working at
a nearby coffee shop, 
when a friend of mine 
came in for coffee.

I had to say the words, 
“Here is your coffee, friend.
It is very hot,
but you should try it."

Then I took a break
to take the kids to school.
They told me, “Dad, we know
you are a real weirdo.”

It was very great
and when I dropped them off
their teacher wore a mask
of Ronald Reagan.

I drove back to work
and on the way I thought
I should open up
my email inbox.

There was a message there
from a friend of mine
who worked on UFOs
shot down by FBI.

She was asking if
I’d buy a UFO
if I happened to
see one on Etsy.

I wrote back to her
and said I’m on a break
and have to get to work
but I'll write later.

I signed off “LOL!
Your super duper pal”
before I used my thumb
to send that message.

Now I’m back at work
wondering what you think
about if my friend
will sell me UFOs.

I never thought before
that I'd be able to
but I can’t wait to tell
my little children.
Connection at the Heart of Commerce

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