In Every Room

The heat we made lingers
and I ache.
Love is supposed 
to make the world better.

It’s not love.
It’s not love.
And it’s not a waste of time.
No, no it’s not a waste of life.

When I was a child, 
I was blessed by an un-light, 
Taken into a family of One,

Then led through fields and forests and swamps.
Through the quiet country 
and the monstrous places,
I roamed across a broken land.

I am man of peace
Standing at a barricade
Screaming: love everything, goddammit all!
But screams are soldiers’ sounds
And I am a man of peace.

True to the universe that took me,
I will wander every room,
Aching when the warmth
Touches my cold, tired bones.
In Every Room

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