Not a Pure Thermal Phenomenon

I had what it took then, honey honey

To take it straight into the sun

Get it – get get to me

Get it – get get to me

Get it – get get to me

Get it – get get to me

Honey, honey, it’s a minute past our dew point

Swim in time like water and I get this

Wet grip liquid reality

Waiting to inflect/intone oh no

Can you hear heat in my voice?

Yeah, No way, sugar sugar dumpling

I tell a truth: I am a truth

I had to live and had to care

I got an unfair


I got a big ol’ swollen belly

And this multi-colored tongue

Hallelujah! Gawda’mighty!

When I watch you touch your inner thigh

I’m kissing all these angels

In the endless white hot sunshine

It’s so hard – it’s up to me

‘Cause I ain’t leaving no one behind, no

I cain’t leave no one behind

Not a Pure Thermal Phenomenon

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