Is It Real or Is it _______?

I should have asked you home with me

So bold of me, “come home with me”

Where we would’ve done just what we’d do

(And we’d do them well, those things we’d do)

Instead, I dream of you now in verse

And write my heartbeat next to yours

In these lines, I render false memories

Of kissing up and down your neck 

And singing soft songs of sweet abandon

These are open and imagined spaces

Shhhh, don’t tell me anything

I don’t want to hear anything

about anything at all

Just put your hand in mine

And never ever go away

Please, never ever go away

Is It Real or Is it _______?

10 thoughts on “Is It Real or Is it _______?

  1. I felt the songs without words first by reading words, in a long ago book, and saw momentarily breathless, whole body and lungs refreshing story-pictures in words that felt like songs I’d not heard, that looked like the next painting I will paint.
    One word I remember I’d deleted from yesterday’s prose poem that I wasn’t truly up for writing was: Hush; not replaced with Shhh, ‘tho considered—the meaning fuller thru deleted words, gone off more like the sky-songs I learn without words, and which lulled me afterwards into a very deep, very contented sleep.

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    1. HA! No worries, I didn’t think your comments implied such. 🙂 though there are some exceptions, I rarely write specifically to/for anyone (without being being obvious about it in the poem itself via title or some other mechanic). heck, for the most part the past 5-6 years, most of my writing isn’t even from my perspective – like – I’m not the speaker in the majority of what you read here – that 24-hour cycle notwithstanding…

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