24 in 24 – Hour 24


…the poem’s end…

Oh, the poems must end.

How must it end? How can it end? How will it end?

I hear a thousand birds singing outside my window.

This is how the poems end?

Yes, this is the way the poems end.

Not with a bang
But like how a bright, new — 

I’m not really sure what all I’ve done here but … Thanks for reading along. Thanks for liking and commenting. I’m going to sleep now and then rise to fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.

If you’d like to see another WordPresser who also played this game, check out:

24 in 24 – Hour 24

6 thoughts on “24 in 24 – Hour 24

    1. The first part (from 9-9) flew by. The next couple were a bit more measured simply because I had less other things to tend to…and when I got into the early morn, things seemed to speed up again and I had a ton of energy trying to make connections and figuring out how to bring a sense of closure/thematic resolution. I tried to go to sleep afterwards but the sun was too bright so felt like a waste.

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  1. I loved following your journey throughout and you’ve created some really beautiful things in 24 hours. Well, done. I hope you find your way to rest soon and maybe do something to celebrate this whirlwind of creativity. It’s quite inspiring.

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