24 in 24 – Hour 3


Is to do it all again!
Is to do it all again!
That’s what it says
on my business card, yes.
I’m a repeatologist 
with a local organization, 
hoping to understand
why you keep dying
of heart attacks.

Well, I guess that’s not 
entirely fair.
That one time
you were shot 
and died in the alley
but you had some heart trouble
that would have got you
if that bullet had not.

So says here you were
quite a normal kid.
You are a normal adult.
You do normal things.
You go to the bar.
You walk on the street.
No one pays you much mind.
You jog on occasion.
You steal gum from the grocery.
You work in logistics.
You have good insurance.
Yet, you keep dying of heart attacks.
Let’s figure out why.

What’s that you say?
You’ve never felt better?
No chance of your ticker
stopping any time soon?

I have it right here
on good authority.
says that you’ve died
over 300 times.

Now, don’t get too angry.
I’m trying to help you.
It’s a cycle repeating!
Mind your blood pressure!
Take your hands off me, yah—

There, you’ve done it again.

24 in 24 – Hour 3

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