24 in 24 – Hour 1

First – If you’re an email subscriber, sorry for spamming you. 

Second – Thanks for indulging me. Excuse any typos. Let the games begin.


— Day begins 

Missing last night’s lover
Only they can understand
I only hope they understand
Lips licked taste of 
Lingering cardamom
And sawdust
Of this, the one forever time
Eyes closed
Skin remembers
Some slight singe of white fire heat
Wrought by ecstatic revelation

The colors of the sky change
to match your rising voice.
Days don’t hold together.
I only hope you’ll understand.

24 in 24 – Hour 1

2 thoughts on “24 in 24 – Hour 1

  1. I enjoyed the spamming! Followed while working.. as email is apparently the only thing I read whilst working.

    Tries to say out of the poetry rabbit hole by only reading email poetry while working.. aka the ones I know I’ll enjoy, infallible, and subscribed.

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