This is a yarn 
about how people 
got to know you.
It’s also about 
a communications engine 
built using intuitive
interfaces called
pain and isolation.

It has always been easy 
for a business to know 
a person by giving 
said person space 
to express themselves.

But one day, 
a communications 
engineer from Bristol, 
he simply said, 
“That’s not enough,” 
so decided to build
a communications engine 
in the sweet-smelling basement 
of his local tea room.

His mission was only
to simplify knowing 
other human beings.

He named his engine 
“GABE,” and that stood for
“Grand Amalgamation 
of Bespoke Empathy.”

GABE took its input
in the form of trauma.
GABE’s output was solely
an endless story 
of human suffering 
tailored specifically 
to each viewer’s heart.

In only one year, 
GABE rose to become 
the world’s most popular 
storytelling device.

GABE let people know 
each other so well.
People began 
to understand people.
People began 
to wear large, dark sunglasses.
People began 
to conceal many weapons
all over their bodies
as people began 
to understand
all of the things 
people understand.


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