Fruit of the Earth

See the world, so ample, still here’s where the pain is.
Take a breath, blink your eyes, then everything changes.

Vision obscured by green feathers and blue dust.
I only speak up when shocked by time’s changes.

They say the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.
Innumerable black holes mark universal changes.

Not a fair-weather vibe nor a mood for the meek.
The default mode network’s way of handling changes.

Clearly, I came from a process still flowing, yet
somehow I feel I came in to this place, nothing changes.

How to see I came out of, then move through and live free?
We are all of a type that exists for sea changes.

Fruit of the Earth

5 thoughts on “Fruit of the Earth

  1. The brighter the light, yes, the darker the shadow. And also the higher the sun, the lesser the shadow and sometimes two shadows. Depending on where you stand. Yes, sometimes these things preoccupy me. Anyway, I enjoyed this.

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  2. Wow, an impressive Ghazal!!
    Looking in with perceptiveness. With longing and the mystery so well perplexing, such sensorial lines!

    My prose poem response:

    I would ask for things to change now if I wasn’t easily startled with such a sharp turn that a change like that might make: The sky instantly turns to the glass I had not handled with care, my eyes behold a sunrise turn into the golden horn of a gramophone, literally, and the song of it all, ends, finally? I’d consider this: some repetition of the dessert-type at this banquet I might make, make room for the sleep after the feast, the pillows of this earth still fluffed softly, and then the sun rises again, as itself.

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