Invisible Men Sleeping In Your Beds

When I was old enough
to understand such things, 
I was told that I would
fall in love with a ghost.

This fortune concerned me
because I wanted children
but didn’t want to mother
ones that might float through walls.

I went to college 
to study ontology 
and, sure enough,
fell in love with a ghost.

He was the ghost of my dreams,
though he didn’t have a job, 
or any concrete plans about
what to do with his death. 

I changed my major to incorporeology.
We were married at 21 (and 221).
My parents weren’t too pleased.
His parents had long since dissipated.

Children came later.
Lovely children 
that floated through life
but neither crib nor car seat.

Be not afraid of 
loving a ghost.
It can really help
alleviate existential dread.

Invisible Men Sleeping In Your Beds

2 thoughts on “Invisible Men Sleeping In Your Beds

  1. I’m in JDoubleP, They let me in! (Not the invisible bouncer or walls, but the tech. glitch on your site’s resolved!)…

    Perfect poem to read at the Tuesday literary salon that’s hosted at my home by the ghost of my heart 💓🤫😀💗🌸plenty of applause all around…plenty.

    Liked by 1 person

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