Angel Dust

You're a woman,

You're a ghost,

You're a war,

You're a blast,

You're a breath,

You're a beat,

You're a man.

We’re the ones who understand


You’re a woman,

You’re a speck,

You’re a spark,

You’re a maze,

You’re a tube,

You’re a man,

You're a game.

We’re the ones who know your names.

We’re the book tucked on your shelf.

We’re the tongues that pray for help.

We're the wing-eyed, cloven-hoofed.

We're the mercy seat unhooked.

We’re the we’re the we’re the We

and you’re the You still unfolding.
Angel Dust

16 thoughts on “Angel Dust

  1. This one’s a favorite poem.

    I’d like to comment from the website, you have the site set to admin logins & login required for comments… WP fix ty


    1. jdoublep says:

      Thanks so much! As for the login, yeah I have it set that way to cut down on the terrible spam I get from having open comments. It is very bad.


      1. Sry about that w open comments.
        I may but taken off w spammers for a real comment from direct website. says they can resolve yr site (if u dont want Only admins to comment)
        No worries no hurry 🙂 just idea


        1. jdoublep says:

          Ahhh, my site is not self-hosted, but hosted by WordPress itself. So, it isn’t admins only that can comment (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to 🙂 ) but only those with registered accounts – which you should have, otherwise you wouldn’t be allowed to post a comment at all!


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