Your mother!

My mother!

Moses made cookies and was quite pleased with himself!

Explanations? Never!

Descriptions? 4Eva!

I had to apologize for minoring in Philosophy.

Wittgenstein was right on tract.

All mothers are disappointed by too much familienähnlichkeit.

Mothers prefer hard sciences.

I only want to study patent nonsense.


One thought on “Sprachspiel

  1. My mother warmed up cookies for me because I studied too much; I was simply scared of tests handed out in school like some kind of rabbit among grasses stunned but then recovered! Philosophy minor was great for those ever ever ever proud of the student! But bad for students whose philosophy teachers were glorified shepherds with everlasting No, you are wrong; Why? Because my answer is right, and not with a cane, but a seat at a desk center front of the room.

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