I know that many people are saying that it’s just a matter of time before work eats you alive and you have to make it about more than money and you have to find meaning and connect to your work and the truth is that’s the truth but it’s a hard truth ‘cause it’s not how things align for most of the working world and you got to get your pay no matter what and I know it ain’t easy putting up with a job you can do and will do so you put up with it for a long time while you wait for the place you wanna be to let you in and then finally you’re in that place and you find it’s not that right for you after all and how many times have you heard that and how many times have you been called that person who just ain’t satisfied with shit like I was in business for two years, two months, two days of my life and I know how hard it is to get paid right if the boss is also expecting to get paid right (if ya know what I’m sayin’) but you gotta be up front about what you want even if it is a pain in the ass which is another way of saying don’t expect to eat well or take care of your frozen shoulder while you wait ‘cause I seen it happen many times where a life, a job, a dream, and a self turns a huge mess because it’s a bitch to wanna come to work when you needta do something else that has no cash dividends like read a book or masturbate or find the lord in an Ozark cavern (although you could might find a way to spin that in favor of your wallet) and then you get laid off so you imagine you’ll make the most of the time away except you can’t subsist on only tile grout even if it’s full of fiber dammit you gotta listen when I tell you about work because I was in business two years of my life and I’m still trying to figure out if it made a difference and what I’m supposed to do for dinner over here.


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