We’re Missing Out

No matter the season,
we cannot wait 
for the weather to change.
We must have hot showers
to fight the blistering cold.
We're always missing something.
We've got all kinds of thoughts about - 
whatever it is,
we just can't wait to find out.

Still the weather's
always changing.
And we must keep our feet 
on this slowly-shifting ground.
We must keep our hearts open, 
keep that beating sound around.

The weather outside 
may be just perfect this time of year.
When we miss out
we really miss out.

Heartache pays off
when you're buried in snow
and can't feel a thing.

We have to keep our feet 
right here on this salinated ground.

Listen to the clock hands moving.
See the dark lights lining the lane?
The weather is not afraid to quit
because it knows
we can't handle
the fear of missing out.
The weather knows a thing or two
about delicate positions.
It knows we live in flimsy houses
built close to rising tides.
We’re Missing Out

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