Some Tyranny Just Can’t Be Bothered

They might eat you.
They might eat your baby.
They might eat your house.
They might eat your dog.

They might eat your house, I said.
They might eat your house!
They’re not in the band.
They’re not in that band of yours.

Are you listening?
You can't just sit down and listen anymore.
Are you looking at me?

Do you see our dead sun
floating in these eyes?
It’s time to put the records on.
It’s time to do the back flips.

So come on stage,
come on stand up.
We can’t hear you when you choose
to talk from out your arse.

You know they’re gonna get you.
Unless you say whatever,
whatever for your body.
You know they’re gonna get you in the end.

Whatever do you mean to them?
Can you believe you’re here?

I can't believe I'm here.
And you're my only goddamned friend.
Some Tyranny Just Can’t Be Bothered

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