The American Abyss

America will not survive the big lie just because a liar is separated from power. It will need a thoughtful repluralization of media and a commitment to facts as a public good. The racism structured into every aspect of the coup attempt is a call to heed our own history. Serious attention to the past helps us to see risks but also suggests future possibility. We cannot be a democratic republic if we tell lies about race, big or small. Democracy is not about minimizing the vote nor ignoring it, neither a matter of gaming nor of breaking a system, but of accepting the equality of others, heeding their voices and counting their votes.

This is a sobering assessment of recent events and things to come. I can highly recommend Snyder’s book, On Tyranny, in addition.

The American Abyss

3 thoughts on “The American Abyss

  1. It is in truth, acceptance, diversity and kindness that a democracy can grow. The vile hatred and outright political and social lies that I’ve seen in this country is depressing and a reason to fear its strength. I am hoping with the changeover in political party, the banning of social media outlets for these people (and their leader), the FBI’s investigation and eventual criminal charges, and outcries from the majority of Americans will help the country to begin healing. We have to send the cockroaches back under their rocks and fuel an enormous message of unity and peace, that we will not tolerate their behavior. And, yes, we need to teach children the truths of slavery, oppression and systemic racism so that future generations can create a change that matters.

    1. jdoublep says:

      This is the hope! And it takes work to fight mistruth. I feel my own complacency in not doing enough to push back against false narrative, especially so against those in positions of power that promote false narratives. My own state, KS, is rife with such politicians.

      1. Yes, we have a U.S. Senator in WI that needs to be booted out of office. I am unable to vote for him, but I hope he loses office the next time it’s up for a vote. Too many have been complicit in spreading lies and hate rather than doing their job of governing for the people under the Constitution and showing a propensity toward moral and ethical behavior.

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