The ABCs

Your life, so far,
has been confined
to a sheet of paper.

Your world is flat.
The edges –
sharply defined.

To most outsiders,
you are nothing
but a jumble of lines.

The paper is stark white.
You, however, are a deep dark, like a pit.
Above you, the sky is black and infinite.

You have waited years
for someone to come along
and decipher you.

One day, a creature stands above you.

They look
as though
they could
have been
born under
a very bad sign.

The thing speaks, “What do you see?”

Is it talking to you?
Or is it talking to itself?
Your flat world ripples
with anticipation
as it lifts you closer.

The creature ponders
over you for hours,



is what you have desired.

You know now you will be known.

The creature looks at you again and again and again…then whispers,

It has passed the test.
You will be known.

The ABCs

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