Void Set

The color of the day is desperation.
It’s a bit sky blue
mixed with a touch of grey steel.

The letter of the day is repetition.
Keep up, children.
Enunciate or fail to communicate.

The number of the day is -10.
How many cookies do you have?
10 less than zero.

That’s right.

The color of tomorrow is new normal.
That means normal, tomorrow and thereafter.
The color of new normal is partially hidden.

The letter of tomorrow is stumbling.
It’s like a dream, a nightmare, a poorly-coded VR experience.
Expect no one to catch you if you fall.

If you’re lucky, you’ll float down.

The number of tomorrow is {}.

I’m sorry you had to read it here
but do consider how often something great
comes from nothing at all.


Void Set

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