We could no longer patch
or upgrade
or maintain it.

We tried to isolate it
to protect us
to preserve it.

If we limited contact, could it remain in perpetuity?

What have we done with this disabled device
except ignore it?

Put it in a closet, unplugged?
We’ve been ignoring it for years…

How can machines who rely on humans be expected to serve if this is what we’re doing to them?

It’s time to think about how we put things to rest.
Time to think about how we keep the operation running.

I personally believe this.

It’s a personal belief
in a philosophy
which I believe in,
and which
is just one of the many beliefs
that has guided my life
for these many years.

I don’t usually go for theories that involve statements like “my personal belief”.

Rather I support theories guided by: “my personal belief is that I can do anything”.

I believe if you have the skill (birthluck)
and you have the determination (entitlement),
and you have the resources (money),
there is nothing that you can’t accomplish
if you have the right machine-people around you.

My life’s work is fixing broken machines, and I’m doing that every day.

When you’re helping machines, you have a responsibility to try to make sure that you are as successful as you can possibly be.

It’s in our best interest to optimize everything.

If you are not doing that,
then maybe you ought
to take a look
at your beliefs about that
and ask about
your personal beliefs
in philosophies
you believe.

Maybe you should reconsider
having machines at all.


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