Forging Steel from Iron

It was midsummer when you thought to jump

To your door, I’d come, I knew I was the last in line

The air grown thick with desires

I saw people in your yard

Away from the dark and into the light they ran

I was almost like them but

I knew in my heart they were all sicker than I was

They didn’t say any words, just lived under the midsummer sun

They died from this disease they call ”   ”

The plants around them grown tall from bonemeal and symphonies

Finally, I walked into the house and tried to find you

I saw people in your living room, people bleeding from their eyes

The kitchen filled with dead bodies, people in the bathrooms, I don’t know if they were dying too

Every house with people lying in the yards

Walking through your house, the people lived in constant pain

I thought when they died they would be gone for ever

I saw these people I knew were dying

Their bodies were empty, but they moved on to the next house they died to live in

I lived in a house with people like me

I didn’t call myself mad, I didn’t talk to my friends

I lived in the dirt, I dug in the ground with my bare hands, I cleared the gutters, I kept the garage doors closed

I saw people in the streets, in their cars, “homeless” they called them

I came and tried my best to help them; they didn’t want my money

I tried to help people living in pain

I saw people in the yards, they died in pain

I saw people in the streets, they died in pain

I saw people in the houses, they died in pain

I found some people who worked for the city

They told me how to fix the problems of the people in pain

They were genius solutions and now I was a genius too

A lot of people were working for the city, I started working for the cities

It was like a big prison or something

The people, the yards, the sun, you thinking to jump

Forging Steel from Iron

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