Struggling Against One Kind or Another

We forgot what our god is for.
But I can tell you who remembers because I remember.
This is a most important lesson I’m about to teach you:


When life happens to you. What happens to you and how you handle it. When you fail. When things fail that you don’t want. There’s a whole world of things. And I mean you. And you don’t want. That’s not a pleasant. And I don’t think anybody has been doing it right. When you’re too quick to jump to words and to give up on what god had planned before the words, when there was a lot more to your problems than words.

We’re talking about our biggest, darkest demons here. Our fears. Our fears and their fears are so big right now yet they’re not at all. Our worst fears and their fears are the things that…look, we’re afraid of our. We’re afraid to take in. We’re afraid to put a face to the fear and to admit that there is fear lurking underneath the blankets. We’re afraid to let it out. And when we don’t. When we’re afraid to do. When we don’t face our heart. When we’re afraid to say. When we’re afraid of what. When we’re afraid to truth. When we don’t at all.

And everything has been caught. Fallen into it.

So I’ve been fighting. Fighting for you, for future, for faith. You’ve had your challenges from, right? It’s been there. You’ve had your demons and dark things inside. And I’ve had my own demons and dark things inside. And you’re hearing how to keep that inside as much as you’re hearing how not to do it.

We could be living in the kingdom of the gods, if we all prayed together forever. But we don’t. We can’t. In fact, we’re so scared of the wrong things and we’re in the kingdom of the demons. The demons have got us by the throat and they’ve got you by the throat. They’ve got you right. We’re in a kingdom. We’re in a kingdom of dark, dark joy.

Struggling Against One Kind or Another

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