Purple Wizard Tales Pt. 3: What’s In the Box?

Inside Purple Wizards is a menagerie of hope, light, and other words! In addition to all those words, you’ll get:


But that’s not all – act now to receive your very own TITLE PAGE and APPENDIX!

I’m not kidding, party people. So much energy has gone into this collection of ~50 poem-like things. Things like: periods, commas, emojis, spaces, blood, avocados, the screams of neglected children, and love, pure love.

Don’t you think a copy would look swell on your shelf, or the shelf of your secret lover(s)? Christmas looms. Act like you care about someone and buy that someone the gift of More Poems About Purple Wizards and Neon-Bright Exceptionalisms right here!

Read hard!

Purple Wizard Tales Pt. 3: What’s In the Box?

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