The Waterwood Box, 52

Catch up!

Frear’s tone of voice frightened Adam. “What do you want with me?” he asked.

“I want nothing with you. Your kind broke many tides ago. I look at you here now in your water suit, mimicking water-folk, and almost believe in the possibility of humanity’s return. But I cannot say with truth that I want such a return. The truth is, I believe more that I want nothing to do with you. It is your friend here who thinks you may want something to do with us.”

“May I speak now?” Spot darted into both of their lines of sight.

“Please,” Adam said.

Frear added with disinterest, “If you’ve something to say…,”

“I do have something to say. I brought–”

“Followed,” interjected both Adam and Frear.

“Followed…Adam here because he needs to find dry land and a way to get home. I thought you might help.” Spot gasped and then swam to one side.

“There is no dry land–,” said Frear.

Adam yelled, “You’re lying! ”

“–and in a sense, you are already home.”

“No! I live on a street, in a house, with my mom and dad and I go to school and play soccer and climb trees and, and…” He couldn’t finish. There was just too much to try to fit in.

“This is where you’re from, child. Well, not you, but your kind. Before humans broke, this,” Frear swept his arms wide to indicate the entirety of Ocean, “this was your home.”

Chapter 11
The Myth of Sesre

Adam didn’t at all understand what Frear was talking about. The water-folk kept saying “broke” as though it should make sense to Adam. “What do you mean ‘this was my home’?”

“Don’t you know your history? Your own myths? Tell me now child, how do your elders teach you of your origins?”

The Waterwood Box, 52

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