Following the Video Game Crash of 1983

This is 1942
And we are back flips and bombs
This is Rush’n Attack
And we are knives out to anyone scrolling our way
This is Castlevania
And there’s a vampire monologue within our maze-like hearts
This is Gunsmoke
And the shotgun is our favorite convenience to convert the lawless
This is Spy vs. Spy
Where every other day we die a cartoon death
This is Faxanadu
So derided yet somehow playable
This is Dragon Warrior
Too much talk and no bloodbaths allowed within city walls
This is Contra
No, this is Life Force
No no no no no is this is this is this
left right left right
This is Kid Icarus
And we just want to save Angel Land, but can’t even get out of the Underworld

Following the Video Game Crash of 1983

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