Listen of the Week: Mount Eerie

A Crow Looked at Me, by Mount Eerie

There is nothing this review can add to the experience of listening to A Crow Looked At Me. Sure, there’ll be an incongruous Lou Bega reference at around the 600-word mark for some light relief (it doesn’t really work) and a Nabokov quote in the penultimate paragraph to pretend I’m well-read (I’m not) but they’re hardly worth sticking around for. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you won’t find any score attached. Even awarding this work the full ten-out-of-ten would feel too callous given the tragic circumstances of the record’s gestation and its heartbreaking subject matter.

Instead, you’d be strongly advised to stop reading this right now. Please, all I ask is that you just go away, sit down and listen to the music and the words contained on this LP with your complete and undivided attention.

Listen of the Week: Mount Eerie

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