Listen of the Week: The Orb

COW / Chill Out, World!, by The Orb

COW / Chill Out World! is arguably The Orb’s most mellow record to date, marking a shift from the techno button-pushing toward minimalism’s most conspicuous composition. With a sullen, studied restraint, “Wireless MK2” babbles over the sounds of wind and water, with soft synths weaving over warm, restorative drones, reverse piano, and phased dub horns stretched to a time-shifted breaking point. A sort of deconstruction of the sounds that have dominated early singles since the act’s beginning (think “Asylum” or “Perpetual Dawn”), the track scrubs each element to its most essential essence, slowly assembling an acoustic collage more indebted to Fripp & Eno than anything from their back catalog.

Listen of the Week: The Orb

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