Baby’s First Blog


Hello, everyone! Welcome to blog!

I’m James and I am here to help poetry the hallways of the 6th floor. In general, it’s considered ill advised to allow me to poetry indoors. I am messy, barefoot to an unsettling degree, and speak to myself in a very critical manner a bit too loudly. You can take the boy out the bus stop but can’t take the bus stop out the boy…or something. So, it has been quite an honor for the good folks at Charlotte Street Foundation to bring me on board and haunt the hallways for a few hours a week. I promise to rattle the chains at a reasonable volume, you can hold me to it if you want.

I suppose I should tell you about THE WORK. I, primarily, write poetry but have been known to work in other literary mediums such as playwrighting, micro-nonfiction narratives, and music blogging…

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Baby’s First Blog

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