Listen of the Week: clipping.

Splendor & Misery, by clipping.

Splendor & Misery’s best songs manage to succeed on their own terms, independent of the overarching narrative. “All Black” sets up the storyline in third-person: “So the danger, clear and present/Is presented as the gift of freedom/Wrapped in days of rapping to himself/Up until his vocal chords collapse.” It nods toward the familiar with turns of phrase (the “all black everything” vacuum of space) and playful anachronisms. “Air ’Em Out” is a trap anthem in zero-gravity, its gleaming synths and skittering drums floating skyward with no bassline to hold them down. Diggs allows his tightly-wound delivery to go slack here, imbuing the track with a looseness and personality that’s sorely missing from much of the album.

Listen of the Week: clipping.

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