Haiku 4 Life

A single ant crawls
Across the floor while I watch.
Am I not a God?

Haiku 4 Life

25 thoughts on “Haiku 4 Life

                1. I think that women are ultimately better at poetry than men are in general. Not always, but in general. It is because society allows us to be more free with our emotions. Men are only taught to display control, anger, raw sexual interest, and dominance.

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                2. right on. i’m about 50/50 male/female wrt poets i admire, read, watch read, hang out with in person and don’t tend to see a stark difference, on average, in raw talent, though tone, subject, vocabularies do seem to trend along gender binaries. with wordpress poets, however, insofar as poets that I enjoy reading, that balance shifts to about 85/15 female/male for whatever reason…


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