Field Guides and Frogmen

The Field Guide to North American Monsters tells me
that in Loveland, OH,
along the reedy trenches of the Ohio & the Little Miami,
tucked under old steel bridges,
poised just at the waters’ edges,
lives a Frogman.

The Guide does not advise whether the Frogman dines
on buckeye candy and shaker lemon pie,
or whether he sticks to traditional riverside cuisine
like wayward flies and lost flutterbys.

The Field Guide advises that witnesses provide disparate details.

The Field Guide to North American Monsters has no information
about the tepid summer of 1997 when sixteen-year-old Missy Barton
went for a hike at Lake Isabella Park
and found the Frogman,
kissed him lovingly, leisurely, longingly
on his damp and somewhat slimy lips.

The Guide does not advise on matters of the heart –
only matters of monsters,
North American monsters.

Field Guides and Frogmen

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