Poem Found in Tech Manual: Proper Television Matters


15 thoughts on “Poem Found in Tech Manual: Proper Television Matters

  1. Fits this, I’d say:

    An artistic practice conceived by the Situationists for transforming artworks by creatively disfiguring them. In ‘A User’s Guide to Détournement’ (1956), Guy Debord, a key Situationist theorist, and Gil Wolman, argue that détournement has a double purpose: on the one hand, it must negate the ideological conditions of artistic production, the fact that all artworks are ultimately commodities; but on the other hand, it must negate this negation and produce something that is politically educative. It achieves negation in two main ways: either it adds details to existing works, thus revealing a previously obscured ambiguity, or it cuts up a range of works and recombines them in new and surprising ways.

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