Culture Is An Industry

We produce to consume,
Consume to produce.
We produce, grow hungry,
Consume to satiate.
We consume, grow bored,
Produce to engage.

We consume to produce,
Produce to consume.
We consume, we take,
We produce, we make.
We consume production.
We produce consumption.

We are what we consume.
Are we what we consume?
We consume what we are.
What are we consuming?
We are what we produce.
Are we what we produce?
We produce what we are.
What are we producing?

We are a product, the product.

We consume each other.
We are consumers, the consumed
At night.
We are producers, the produced
By day.

We can’t stop taking
Nor making.

Consume. Produce. Produce. Consume.

No values outside,
Thus we huddle close and shiver
In the sharp, biting cold.

Culture Is An Industry

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