Top Guns

I am Goose
And I am Hollywood
And I am Maverick
And I am Viper
And I am Jester
And I am Cougar
And I am Slider
And I am Stinger
And I am Sundown
And I am Chipper
And I am Ghostrider
And I am Voodoo 3
And I am Mustang
And I am Blade
And I am TEX
And I am Rat
And I am Heater
And I am Iceman
And I am Merlin
And I am Wolfman
And I am Charlie, too.

And I am sand volleyball
Losing my loving feelings
Whilst flying a Grumman F-14 Tomcat in an inverted vertical,
Flipping birds to some Ruskies flying make-believe MiG-28s.
I am the killer of Russians.
Goddamn! Yes, they had it coming,
Watching every motion in their neverwere MiGs.

I AM a tone engaged flyby losing you forever
For I AM forever heading into twilight
And I AM taking breaths away with the boys in the goddamn danger zone
And yes! Goddamn! Goddammit, yes!
I AM the mirror crashing
And I AM

Top Guns

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