21 thoughts on “But Yo’ I’m Making Money, See

          1. This election cycle has been…there aren’t really words. I was reading articles about how they’ve studied his video clips etc enough to classify him as a narcissist. Like we knew that, but to have it so out in the open. Not to mention the whole fiasco about paying his supporters legal fees. The man is inciting violence and American politics can do nothing about it. The GOP created him and now can do nothing to stop his rhetoric nor their consequences. It’s so completely fucked up.

            1. I think what’s upset my wife and I (and our kids, to an extent) the most is the support of this attitude. There are people we know and love (and like) who, by supporting Trump, are assenting to treating people like shit as a matter of policy. And that blows our minds and infuriates us to no end – the fact that a large number of people in this country are now, plain and open, speaking out that they, too, think this way.



              1. I was about to reply with that quote and i looked up and saw you sent it. I understand the horror and hurt, and I feel it too. I have faith though. I read once that people don’t want to let go of their hate, because once they do, they have to face an incredible pain. I truly believe that. I also believe, however, that with time, those with such hate in their hearts will find the courage to face it. Not all of them, but most. Times will change. And Trump will eventually die.

                1. Thanks so very much. I appreciate the hell out of anyone who spends their precious time reading my stuff – let alone commenting.

        1. I live on the Kansas side of Kansas City, which had a caucus rather than a general primary, and since I am not registered with either party I haven’t yet voted. We are staunch anti-schmuck in Preutopia, however, so would find it impossible to vote Trump (or Cruz).

                1. I agree 100%. If trump or Cruz end up winning which is the scary thing. I’m calling it, World War 3. Or going back to the Bush days of 2001. Most of the population here in America are voting for a racist douche-bag of both parties. Let us hope America is smarter than this.

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