We share our mother’s health

And with Silent Shout, the Knife were indeed out to construct a new world, one that was removed from ours but not too far off. A world where all the false fronts and injustices were out in the open, and where that exposure made everyone bitter and angry, bordering on demonic. The biggest hook around the Knife has always been that voice, which mutated in ways on this album that the duo had never experimented with before. That voice, of course, belongs to Karin Dreijer Andersson, but it also seems completely removed from anything that a human being could be capable of producing. The first time you hear the Knife, you don’t know who or what is behind that snarl, and that was the point.

Source: Silent Shout Turns 10 – Stereogum

If you don’t know this record – do yourself a favor. If you do know this record – do yourself a favor.

We share our mother’s health

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