Everything About This is Nothing but Science and Mystery

The World’s Fool. Are you yet aware? What is it you’re aware of? You’d know if you were a Magician.

As a Magician, you are self-aware. Yet you lack needed balance. Heed the words of your High Priestess.

She lives in memory: emotion, intuition. She advises every Empress.

In regal imagination does she swim, bearing experimental gifts. Her Grace pairs with an Emperor.

Questioning signs and signals, he paces empty halls. What do these things portent? The Heirophant helps him delineate.

Value forms from the fog of symbol. From the from comes the Other, a Lover.

Love arrives with a kick and a kiss. Love promises swift movement by Chariot.

The mobile mind seeks with animal abandon; requires reins of inner Strength.

Over time, you master impulse and passion with quietude. The Hermit continues to help.

Where is self-knowledge? A cave or a crowd? The great Wheel circumscribes.

Round and round and round and round and round and round and always Justice is.

Where are the reasons? Responsible to whom, what? Hanged Man suspended in execution.

You may pause while you hang. You may assess. Death can’t wait to meet you.

Dying feeds new life. Contemplating Death leads to Temperance in thought.

A tempered mind bathes at the end of the path of wisdom. Time for the Devil to strike.

Temptations exist. Struggle with the physical inside a high Tower.

A fall from high grace. Invulnerability? A Star alights your descent.

Inside and above – the universe engorges you. Your Moon glows milky full.

Do admit you’ve made mistakes. Prepare to face your Sun’s life light.

Warm bright waves envelope those who’ve seen Judgment coming.

No shamed souls. The Self who knows is the Self able to judge The World.

You are. In pain, experienced, you are here: the World’s Fool.

Everything About This is Nothing but Science and Mystery

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