Listen of the Week: Wet

Don’t You, by Wet

If there was nothing more to Wet than Zutrau’s cut-wide-open lyricism, Don’t You would be a long, painful poem about romance and its inadequacies, and one that most listeners wouldn’t have the stomach to sit through. Thankfully, there is more to Wet — namely multi-instrumentalists Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow, who work in tandem to make Zutrau’s version of the abyss as seductive as possible. Drawing on the minimalist R&B template set forth by Dev Hynes and perfected by SZA, they blend sparse beats, electronic blips, and palm-muted guitar riffs to form a sonic backdrop that’s as thick as pudding and twice as tempting. Some of the textures they come up with are so full and tactile, it’s tempting to tilt the speaker and see if any liquid pours out.

Listen of the Week: Wet

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