Social Anxieties That Will Not Be Cured by SSRIs Alone

There are 5,323,208,384
unread messages
in your in-box…
one is from him.

You made me a playlist.
I wanted a mixtape.

She always retweets.
You always favorite.

Facebook was your happy place
before all your real friends showed up.

If Instagram had shown him anything,
it’s that he loved only fine foods
and island vacations

and yoga pants.

They watched
you disappear
in Snapchat.
     For days
          they cried
               real tears.

Social Anxieties That Will Not Be Cured by SSRIs Alone

5 thoughts on “Social Anxieties That Will Not Be Cured by SSRIs Alone

  1. IMHO, people should not take SSRIs. I feel that they do more harm than good. Better to find the cause of the social anxiety, and cure that directly. For instance, if in a complex compound or mixture, you change the levels of just one component, what does that do to the compound or mixture? Doctors, pharmacists, and drug corporations are not asking questions like that. And increased serotonin does not cause lower stress, or happiness. If you are happy, there may be more released serotonin in the brain, etc. It is just poor thinking. Depression is a blanket term for many, many kinds of unhappiness. Do they, any of them, “result” from lower serotonin levels? And, of course, it should be obvious by now that none of the conditions labeled “depression” are “cured” by increased serotonin. So, I’m trying to say several things. 1. Treating psychological conditions by medicating the patient is a very, very bad idea. 2. Trying to make psychological conditions, psychiatric, is only a way for them to be brought inot the medical world, whose goal is to medicate them, whether it helps or not. 3. When SSRIs were first being developed, the chemists were hypothesizing that happiness (cured depression) would result from increased serotonin levels. They have been proved wrong for decades now. That is, even if you agree with the proposal, that human emotions and feelings can be described by the kinds of chemicals and their levels in the brain and blood, not all of those chemicals are known, how their fluctuations interact with each other, and whether or not changes in emotions or feelings can be put into correspondence with them. But it is still an absurd proposal. 4. Treating the person who suffers by medicating them, is a kind of “blaming the victim” phenomenon. Better, that the aggressive and disturbed people, who are causing those patients so much stress, should be medicated, rather than the patients who are victimized by them. And, 5. ‘victim’ is a legitimate word and term; victims do exist and are real; victimization does exist and is real.


  2. I relate to all this…especially this line:

    Facebook was your happy place
    before all your real friends showed up.

    When I left Facebook 4 years ago. I knew that after I deleted my Facebook account permanently. That I’d have no friends calling me or asking me what happen. In the end – all the friends I thought I had we’re fake, joke, liars, & a–holes! I’m glad I only have 3 real best friends in the world. At least they never forgot about me.

    Thank you Jason for writing this poem. 🙂

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