Now, Dada, Now

Vast and free and open markets
Don’t believe it, don’t believe it
Forget the markets, head on home
Head on home and kiss your wife

The markets have all closed today.
Monetary volatility at play
What did your dada teach you to say
When the things you own…blow away?

Now your home has dusty, empty pantries
Can’t believe it, can’t believe it
No TV dinners, no TV, maybe a bucket
Half-filled with crumbled chicken bits

The markets cost too much today
Wheat corn oil futures at play
What did your dada teach you to say
When the life you’re living…fades away?

Under all this, buried deep
Do you see it? Can you see it?

You melt to nothing when the trading’s done
You melt to nothing in the midday sun
What did your dada teach you to say
In the flowered fields of joy that day?

Now, Dada, Now

15 thoughts on “Now, Dada, Now

              1. True that writing can make you feel all of that too ^^

                Mostly though I find the act of writing liberating. I have become addicted to the process of retreating to my own world and transcribing what I imagine and feel.

                I need a regular fix, or everything around me feels like it is out of place.

                Positive feedback and cheers are pleasing indeed.

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