Friday Fun Facts: Pterobunocephalus depressus

Did ya know…?

Pterobunocephalus depressus is a species of banjo catfish that occurs in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela. It reaches a length of 8.9 cm. It is not a very upbeat fish and can often be found on the river pluckin’ and frownin’ along to ‘Down in the Willow Garden’, ‘The Long Black Veil’, or ‘Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?’. Pterobunocephalus depressus learn the banjo from its crazy, unkempt uncles: Uncle Pterobunocephalus depressus. Pterobunocephalus depressus has tried altering diet, exercise, and sleep schedule to help mitigate its condition but the only thing that gets it through has always been music: slow, sad, bluegrass music, which is sorta like curing a head wound by slamming one’s head into a wall but “whatever gets you to another sunrise on the river,” Pterobunocephalus depressus always says. Whatever gets you through, indeed.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Pterobunocephalus depressus

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