War Operation Plan Response

We all knew what would happen
     when you pressed that button.
So red and juicy, so full of warning,
     begging for your trigger finger’s touch.
We all knew it felt so damned good.
     Didn’t it?
Did you press it slow and steady,
     savoring the end?
Or did you do it quickly, no time
     for remorse or second guesses?
Did you check your phone
     one last time
          for any messages?
Did you whisper goodbye to anything or anyone?
Did you pause to wonder
     what kind of creatures
          might rest the fate
                    of their existence
                         on a fat red button?
Did you find you couldn’t say no?
     Couldn’t refuse?
          Couldn’t turn around and walk away?
Who were you helping?

What color your eyes! Grey-blue in a bright room!

Do you remember how we met?
Do you remember my blouse
     with the one missing button?

War Operation Plan Response

10 thoughts on “War Operation Plan Response

  1. Very interesting poem.

    I’m sensing this poem has something to do with war? Meaning the dictators of our governments are the one’s who will push the last button on earth for a war event to happen?

    hmmm??? or could it be an analogy of someone close? or a dream?

    Either way, I love this piece very much my friend. šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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